Monday, January 12, 2009

The property in Hong Kong where actor Bruce Lee lived for many years is to be re-developed from a seedy love hotel into a tourist destination commemorating the late kung fu legend.

The current owner, millionaire Yu Panglin, had wanted to sell the two storey house in Kowloon Tong. Now he has agreed a conservation plan with the government.

The plans will see the floor area of the property extended and it will be turned into a large museum complex with a cinema, library and martial arts centre. His popular films such as Big Boss and Fist of Fury will be shown in the cinema.

'We have had a meeting with lee's daughter and she has agreed to help us restore the mansion to its former shape,' said Michel Choi, Yu's assistant.

Lee's family has also agreed to donate some of his personal items to the museum including his movie costumes.

Under the plan the property will be donated to the government which will run it as a major tourist attraction.

'The government takes the view that the development should focus on enabling Bruce Lee fans to commemorate the achievements and understand the life of their idol through visiting the residence, and revitalising the building for long-term sustainable operation as a tourism attraction,' said Rita Lau, secretary for commerce and economic development.

Yu, who bought the property for 850,000 Hong Kong dollars in the 1960s, decided not to sell after fans from around the world called for the house to be preserved. It is now thought to be worth 100 million Hong Kong dollars.

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