Monday, January 12, 2009


After the untimely death of Bruce Lee, dozens of "Bruceploitation" films emerged to meet the demand of his fans who wanted to see something on their beloved hero. Bruce Lee clones emerged to fill the void and make some of the most intriguing and odd movies about Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee: Dragon Immortal, a three-disc, 10-film DVD set, commemorates the 35th anniversary of the untimely death of martial arts master Bruce Lee by compiling some of the best and most interesting of those films in a single package. From the biographical "Bruce Lee's Deadly Kung Fu," where he goes up against the mafia and the animated Chinese gods to eventually come back in an cartoon form, to the "Clones of Bruce Lee," where he is revived three times, this DVD set delivers the full impact of the Dragon Immortal experience.

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