Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bruce Lee Museum Opens its doors...

The ancestral hometown of Bruce Lee in southern China has finished building the world's largest memorial museum for the action legend, China News Service reported Tuesday.

Visitors crowd the new Bruce Lee museum that opened in Shunde, Guangdong Province on November 9, 2008. [fsonline.com.cn]

The museum, located in Shunde, Guangdong Province, was inaugurated Sunday by Bruce's sister Phoebe Lee, who traveled from San Francisco for the occasion.

More than 1,000 items related to or used by Bruce Lee are on display, including costumes and photographs. Some letters and poems written by the martial artist are being exhibited for the first time, the report says.

The compound also includes a sculpture park that will feature the world's tallest Bruce Lee statue when the 18.8-meter-tall artwork is finished early next year.

Future meet-ups for Bruce Lee's fans are being planned, with which the museum's director Huang Dechao hopes to create a communication forum for worldwide fans.

There has been a resurgent interest in China over Bruce Lee, who passed away three decades ago, thanks to a new 50-episode drama series "The Legend of Bruce Lee," produced by China Central Television (CCTV). The drama, although controversial for some bloopers found in its scenes, has become the most-watched CCTV drama in history following its initial airing in October.

(CRI November 11, 2008)


Anonymous said...

yes, thanks to the TV series "The legend of Bruce Lee".though I am chinese, I knew just a little about him. and now, I downloaded his four movies,and have watched quite a few times.I most like the movie 'the way of the dragon' written,directed and acted by him.He was really a remarkable man. I have read some of his articles about his philosphy,his life and etc.I was really attracted by his acting, wisdom and spirit.maybe since I am chinese, and also a fan of Laozi philosphy. So I think i understand Bruce lee's philosphy about water.
water can be formed into everything.so his body while fighting.

Ian Lim said...

Whoa, i have to admit, i kinda like Bruce Lee and only know so little about him as just an action actor.

Until the 50 episodes of tv series came, which blessed by Bruce himself where the whole shooting progress of the tv series went pretty smoooth.

It helps me get very curious about Bruce Lee, and begin to loves him more and more while watching the show.

I then go online, watches his vids at youtube, i totally fell in love with this man!

And being a fact that i am a Chinese too, i understand the rule of "四两拨千斤"(to lever a ton of weight with four ounces of force), it's never a surprise that Bruce can defeat anyone including those from todays WWF or Muah Thai or whatsoever, yeah i don't like those stupid comments at youtube that thumbs down on Bruce Lee...

Anonymous said...

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