Sunday, April 06, 2008

Bruce and Brandon remembered.....

Bruce Lee’s “Enter the Dragon” and Brandon Lee’s “The Crow” found broader audiences beyond action crowds because of their deaths. Singer Aaliyah’s “Queen of the Damned” overcame bad reviews to become a modest commercial success.

Bruce Lee, Enter the Dragon (1973). Martial arts king Bruce Lee died unexpectedly (age: 32) six days before his biggest film, Enter the Dragon, hit North American theatres and went straight to No. 1 at the box office. It remains the biggest and best example of Lee's franchise-ready talent, and remains a touchstone of 1970s cinema.

Brandon Lee, The Crow (1994). Lee's only son, Brandon, died under similarly shady circumstances, which has led some to theorize about a Lee family curse. Brandon Lee's final film role was as a dead musician avenging his death, further adding to the circumstances surrounding his accidental death, which occurred during the final days of filming for The Crow.

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