Sunday, April 06, 2008

The best Bruce Lee books to read.

Best Books To Read

The Legend of Bruce Lee (1974) Alex Ben Block.
Tao of Jeet Kune Do compiled from Bruce's notes and published posthumously after his death.
The Fist That Shook The World: The Cinema Of Bruce Lee, by Lou Gaul; Midnight Marquee Press, Inc. 1997, Baltimore MD. 800-886-0313.
Jack Vaughn, Mike Lee. _The Legendary Bruce Lee._ Burbank, CA: Ohara Publications, 1986.
Linda Lee. _Bruce Lee: The Man Only I Knew._ New York: Warner Books, 1975.
Linda Lee. _The Life and Tragic Death of Bruce Lee._ London, England: Star Books, 1975.
Linda Lee, with Tom Bleecker. _The Bruce Lee Story._ Burbank, CA: Ohara Publications, 1989.
Ed Gross. _Bruce Lee: Fists of Fury._ Las Vegas, NV: Pioneer Books, 1990.
_Bruce Lee: His Life in Pictures._ Burbank, CA: Unique Publications, 1988.
_Bruce Lee: The Untold Story._ Burbank, CA: Unique Publications, 1986.
Alex Ben Block. _The Legend of Bruce Lee._ St. Albans, England: Mayflower Books, 1974.
Dennis Felix, Dan Atyeo. _Bruce Lee: King of Kung Fu._ London, England: Wildwood House, 1974.
Dan Inosanto, Alan Sutton. _Jeet Kune Do: The Art and Philosophy of Bruce Lee._ Los Angeles: Know Now Publishing, 1980.
Bruce Thomas. _Bruce Lee: Fighting Spirit._ Berkeley, CA: Frog, Ltd., 1994.

Bruce Thomas. _Bruce Lee: Fighting Talk. 2003.
Robert Clouse. _Bruce Lee: The Biography._ Burbank, CA: Unique Books, 1988.
Intercepting Fist by Jack Hunter Glitter Books 1999.

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