Sunday, April 01, 2012

Self Defense

The Self-Defense Institute (TSDI) in Tewksbury has been recognized out of hundreds of martial arts studios in the Northeast region of America, as one of only 20 studios chosen to take part in the Bruce Lee Foundation. Along with this honor, the studio from Tewksbury will meet Shannon Lee, daughter of martial arts superstar Bruce Lee, of the Bruce Lee Foundation.

“Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee’s daughter is the celebrity guest making an appearance in April at the Ocean State Grand Nationals where she will be promoting the Bruce Lee Foundation,” said TSDI co-owner and chief instructor Deb Davis.

Deb works alongside her husband Jeff Davis who is also a chief instructor. As they are both masters of martial arts, they are addressed as Shihan before their actual name. Shihan is a Japanese honorific title granted to those who advance in martial arts to the master level.

“The Bruce Lee Foundation is set up to perpetuate and preserve the legacy of Bruce Lee by creating a home where the totality of his legacy, his martial art, his philosophy, and his life example can continue to thrive for generations through inspirational events, educational programs, martial arts instruction and the Bruce Lee Museum,” said Jeff.


Shannon Lee will make her appearance at the black belt eliminations on Saturday, April 14, to observe the tournaments, and to take photos with the top martial arts students. The winning students will be chosen to take part in the Bruce Lee Foundation due to their hard work and dedication to the sport. Deb and Jeff will also meet and take a picture with Shannon.

As TSDI is involved with the Bruce Lee Foundation, the organization and a number of its students have donated a sum of $3,000 to the cause.

“We are still raising funds through our studio,” said Jeff. “If you would like to donate to the Bruce Lee Foundation, call 1-978-863-1460.”

Giving back

“The Self-Defense Institute has been recognized for teaching, leadership in the community, and a commitment to excellence,” Deb said. “The Self-Defense Institute is always finding ways to give back to the community, martial arts, and students of today.”

This is not the first time the TSDI has been involved with a martial arts star. In 2005, Chuck Norris was the celebrity guest at the Ocean State Grand Nationals in Rhode Island, where Deb and Jeff were recognized for their dedication and commitment to the martial arts by the tournament directors. They received an invitation to the tournament, and, with TSDI students, met, had dinner with, and took a team picture with Chuck Norris.

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