Friday, November 12, 2010

15th November 2010

Available to own on DVD

from 15th November 2010

Bruce Lee was the first and the greatest action movie star of them all. This collection documents his amazing life as a Legendary Martial Artist and a movie star plus the man himself told by the people who knew him best of all

Starring Bruce Lee, George Lazenby, Jackie Chan &

Sammo Hung


BRUCE LEE was born in San Francisco on the 27th November 1940- the year of the dragon. His unique combination of East and West lead to a revolution in martial arts and action filmmaking. The three programmes included in this set The Intercepting Fist, Jeet Kune Do and Path of the Dragon, celebrate this legendary master with rare footage of behind the scenes on his movies and training sessions plus extensive interviews with friends, students and co-stars.


Cat no: FHED 2745 Path of the Dragon

Barcode 50306970178757Intercepting Fist

Running time: 401minsJeet Kune Do

Certificate: E

Price: £29.99

Discs: 3

Bruce Lee The Ultimate Collection is distributed by Mediumrare Entertainment and is available from all good DVD retailers from

15th November 2010.

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Anonymous said...

saw this Bruce Lee Shirt taken from his quote, "Be like water my friend". I guess you might want to check it out.