Thursday, February 12, 2009

UK documentary

I am currently working on a new Bruce Lee documentary for UK television.
The series is based on four one hour episodes:
Chinese Cinema and early life.
Pre-fame in USA.
Green Hornet - Enter The Dragon.
Bruce Lee's death and cinema legacy.
This will be the first Bruce Lee documentary to be made and broadcast in HD (and hopefully future Blu-ray release).
I have already made a rough cut made from clips bought from e-bay DVD's and from other internet sources (such as Youtube)– the problem is that many of these clips are too poor to be
Would it be possible for you guys to help me track down better (higher quality copies) of these clips?
I am especially interested in anything 'new' such as the colour (or B&W) version of 'The Orphan', the rumoured ‘Big Boss – The Version You’ve Never Seen Before’,'Game Of Death - lost 20 minute reel' and any other rare clips not generally available to the public at large.
(A later spin-off would be to recreate the ultimate 'Game Of Death' HD version - but that is another story).
We have already contacted CBS re:‘Blondie’ episode ‘Pick On Someone Your Own Size’, and may be able to track down a primitive (1964 SONY CV-2000) home recording using 1/2" reel-to-reel tape.
All acknowledgements and rights will be acknowledged:
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