Friday, December 23, 2005

Bruce Lee Membership Information

Welcome to the Bruce Lee Club UK Newsletter

The site has now had over 2 million visitors since we started and many more people are visiting every month, great news for the site and the members of the club.

The interactive CD has mp3's, avi, wallpaper, cursors and a whole lot more to offer the fan of Bruce Lee. All this for only £28 for lifetime membership.

Contact Brian Harrison –

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United Kingdom

Bruce Lee: The Celebrated Life of the Golden Dragon
In the pages of Bruce Lee: The Celebrated Life of the Golden Dragon, we invite you to examine the real Bruce Lee, the man behind the image-- the man who was so much more than an international film and martial arts superstar. In a brilliantly assembled photographic essay complied and edited by John Little, this history of the life and career of Bruce Lee which covers Bruce from childhood to international stardom, from the charismatic public persona to the quiet family man. With a prefece by SHANNON LEE KEASLER and a foreward by LINDA LEE CADWELL, the text is drawn directly from Bruce Lee's own words, as recorded in his diaries and journals, as well as form interviews and the documentary Bruce Lee: In Hi Own Words.
Illustrated with rare family photographs and stills from his movies and television appearances, you won't want to miss the HOTTEST new Bruce Lee Book NOW AVAILABLE! It's a big 8 1/2 x 11, 180 pages full of pictures you won't want to be without! £15 for members no postage charge.

The unofficial Japanese Bruce lee club, please e-mail mark at, please mention my name.Web site at has English text and items for sale. please e-mail this guy as he has a huge collection of Bruce Lee items. In Spain.

If you are looking for a good book on Bruce Lee that tries to be truthful, try Bruce Lee: Fighting Spirit by Bruce Thomas. He not only covers Lee's life, film career, fighting style and philosophy, he also looks at martial arts movies in general. It's a solid read without any conspiracy nonsense.
Jeet Kune Do, the martial art of Bruce Lee, is being preserved in the UK.

Check out the Web page :

Chief instructor: Sifu T. Carruthers.

Technical directors to his school :Ted Wong, Howard Williams and Jesse Glover - basically the big three.

More details at Carnell England01782 823984Andy Gibney Kettering, London BOOK******Bruce Lee's Greatest Movie and has 18 never-before published colour photos of Bruce Lee.Take a look at it at on November 27. It comes with Two Commendatory Monographs on Bruce Lee and a Special Collector's Certificate. Buy direct from the site.

Here is a readers review of the book:-A Reader's Review of "The Orphan" Being an ardent Bruce Lee fan, I am always on the lookout for obscure or rare movies, books and posters featuring him. Then I came across a book called "The Orphan" by Tan Hoo Chwoon. I bought a copy through the Internet and here's what I discovered:The pictures on the front and back covers were great. Then I found more rare colour pictures of Bruce in the inside pages. Again I regarded those pictures as precious gems. I read the book. The whole story was a gripping and riveting one. There was suspense and anticipation as the story unfolds. Much better than his kung fu movies.Truly a classic as is the writing style throughout its pages.I also discovered many important unknown facts about Bruce, which would enlighten any ardent fan in the world, all very thoughtfully documented in the monographs. I can imagine the painstaking effort in research to bring out the colourful history of a wonderful and gifted actor such as Bruce Lee. An important volume in any Bruce Lee archive. It beats me how these interesting and colourful facts were never made known to the world in the last 25 years! Truly, truly a superb book on a superb movie featuring a superb actor and supported by a superb cast of legendary Hong Kong actors and actresses. An excellent effort by Tan Hoo Chwoon. I wonder what other rare gifts we can expect in the future. All Bruce Lee fans out there must get one copy of "The Orphan" or kick themselves if they fail to obtain one.- Lee Hock ChyeHoo Chwoon

free e-mail join from main page and get your free e-mail address, also you can log on at the site and grab your web based mail direct from the page.

Brian Harrison


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