• Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way round or through it. If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves." - Bruce Lee
Like Lee's philosophy suggests, instead of being assertive and taking such a firm stance on Mayweather's request, Pacquiao should simply smile and take the tests head on. When the results prove what Pacquiao aleady knows, that he's never used performance-enhancing drugs, then Mayweather will really have something to worry about. If Pacquiao would just satisfy the paranoia of the undefeated multi-division champion by simply taking the tests, come March 13th, Mayweather will know without a shadow of a doubt that he's stepping into the ring with perhaps the fastest, strongest and most dangerous opponent to ever threaten his flawless record.

  • "A good Jeet Kune Do man does not oppose force or give way completely. He is pliable as a spring; he is the complement and not the opposition to his opponent's strength. He has no technique; he makes his opponent's technique his technique. He has no design; he makes opportunity his design." - Bruce Lee
Again, like Bruce Lee's philosophy suggests, Pacquiao should use Mayweather's request for random blood testing to his advantage. Instead of viewing it as an insult or an allegation, take it as a compliment. After all, Mayweather always likes to remind us that, "I normally beat guys with my C game and I don't have to pull my A or B game out." Of all the top fighters that he's ever faced, not once was he ever as concerned about an opponent like he is now. In 2001, Mayweather wasn't worried at all about then-undefeated knockout artist Diego Corrales. The following year, he showed even less concern when he moved up in weight to face the relentless workrate and pressure of Jose Luis Castillo. As his success against top fighters continued, so did his confidence and his disregard for opponents wouldn't stop there. Arturo Gatti? A mere "punching bag." Zab Judah? "Easy work!" Oscar De La Hoya? "A chiken!" Ricky Hatton? "Garbage" and "nothing but a fat man." Marquez? "A tune-up!" My friends, the mere fact that Mayweather is requesting random blood testing is a testament to Manny Pacquiao's skills and how big of a risk Mayweather truly views him to be. Instead of Mayweather brushing him off as "easy work" or just another "tune-up", he's seen Pacquiao's recent performances and views him as a serious threat, hence the reason for requesting the random blood tests to begin with.

Just for the record, I don't know if Manny Pacquiao is taking performance-enhancing drugs or not, but I certainly don't have a problem with someone who might have that opinion...just as I don't have a problem with someone who believes Margarito is a cheater (although he gives us his word that he didn't know anything about the wraps), Serena Williams is a man or Lady Gaga is a hermaphrodite. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is entitled to their opinion. Now, how you react to that opinion is totally up to you. In essence, Manny Pacquiao has looked so good to Team Mayweater that they have the opinion there's a possibility he may be using performance-enhancing drugs. Instead of getting mad, Pacquiao should have just smiled and said, "Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed my performances." Sometimes, being too defensive can give the appearance that you're trying to hide something and, whether that's accurate or not, that's not a good thing.

Look, I don't doubt that Manny Pacquiao believes that having blood drawn close to a fight might weaken him. Like I said, that's his opinion and he's certainly entitled it. That being said, I'd hate to know his frame of mind should he get cut in the first round of a fight. Will the loss of blood during the fight weaken him as the rounds go by? That's hard to say, but certainly, there's got to be a middle ground when it comes to Pacquiao's superstition and Mayweather paranoia. As Bruce Lee once said, take things as they are; punch when you have to punch, kick when you have to kick and by all means, give blood when you have to give blood. As a man who strived for perfection, it's something that Bruce Lee would have done just to shut the mouths of his accusers. Hopefully, Manny Pacquiao will follow the philosophies of his idol and do the same.